Zinc Metal Properties


What is Zinc?

Available in sheets and ingots. Leaden color. It is not resistant to chemical effects. It is important in the coating of metals in terms of protecting other metals by corroding itself.

Zinc Types Ingot, bar, sheet, plate, wire, rolled sheet and strips.

Places of Use

Capsules, nameplates, tensile battery boxes, tension-free tensile and plastering parts, roofing, zincograph and lithograph works

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Zinc Usage Areas

Galvanization: Zinc is widely used in the galvanization process to protect metals such as iron and steel against corrosion. Zinc coating protects metal surfaces with a protective layer formed by the oxidation of zinc.

Batteries: Zinc is used as an anode material in many types of batteries, such as zinc-carbon batteries and zinc-air batteries.

Alloys: Zinc is used in combination with copper, especially in an alloy called brass.

Chemical Industry: Zinc is used in some chemical industry applications as a catalyst and in the production of various chemical compounds.

Due to its durability and resistance to corrosion, zinc is an important metal, especially in building materials, the automotive industry and many other application areas.