Mercury Steel

Mercury Steel Properties

Mercury Steel

The term "mercury steel" is not generally recognized as a common industry standard or a specific material classification. However, in general, when the terms "mercury" and "steel" are used separately, each has a variety of uses in different industries and applications.

Mercury Steel is generally used for these purposes;

Production of Thermometers and Barometers: Mercury can be used in such measuring instruments.

Electrical Contacts: Mercury has properties that can be used in electrical switches and contacts.

Device Cooling: Mercury can be used for heat transfer and cooling in some electrical devices due to its high temperature resistance.

Glass Production: Mercury-based glasses can be used in special types of glass with particularly high optical quality.

Usages of Mercury Steel:

Mercury steel, which has a very wide usage area, is shared with you by our Ankara Bronze production company. Mercury steel, which is in serious demand in the technical hardware market, is also used by a wide audience. Mercury steels, which are also used in the manufacture of apparatus and tools, especially in tool manufacturing, are resistant to abrasion. Also known for its high resistance, these products are also known as cold work tool steel. It is mostly preferred in the manufacture of punches, fixing pins, drills, guides and fixing equipment tools. Finally, the place of mercury steel in the manufacturing sector and cutting machine tools is also important.

Mercury Steel General Properties

As Ankara Bronz, we continue to manufacture easy-to-process mercury steel. This product, which is mostly supplied as a cylindrical solid material in the market, is among the best steel products in terms of toughness value. However, the general properties of mercury steel with high stainless steel ability are listed as follows;

This type of steel with a specific gravity of 7.8 is composed of different ingredients. You can get all the information about mercury steel consisting of silicon, iron, sulfur, vanadium, manganese, carbon, phosphorus and chromium from our company and you can also send your orders.

Ankara Bronz acts completely in line with the satisfaction of our customers while manufacturing the best steel products of the region. However, we recommend you to contact our company to get information about mercury steel prices. As one of the most preferred companies in the steel sector in Ankara for many years, we continue to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Ankara Bronze meets your demands by manufacturing all the products you need in a short time about metal products. Fast delivery and reasonable price guarantee are among the options we have been offering for a long time.