Lead Metal Properties


Lead Order for Ankara Bronze

Lead is among the metal products that attract attention with its hardness and durability limit. In addition, the corrosion properties of Lead, which has many usage areas, are also curious. You can contact our company immediately to order Lead, which is resistant to fresh and salt water. As Ankara Bronz, we continue to manufacture for years according to a quality service understanding in all metal products and we continue our work at affordable prices.

Lead Usage Areas

Lead, which is not easily oxidized in air, is extremely resistant to corrosion. Thanks to this feature, it is frequently used in the coating of metals. Lead is also important in bronze, solder and lead alloys. Although it is mostly used in tin production today, the areas of use of Lead are listed as follows;

Metal plating processes
Tin production
Solder making
Lead alloy production

Of course, the areas of use of lead are not limited to these. If we list them in items;

Metallic ornaments in living spaces
Ship and aircraft industry
Electronic and electrical industry
Chemical industry
Soap, perfume and paint production
Glass industry
Lead is utilized in many areas such as kitchen utensils.

General Properties of Lead

Lead metal has many properties. Lead, which has various values in terms of atomic weight, density, speed of sound, thermal conductivity, heat of vaporization, specific gravity and electrical resistance, is one of the metals that must be produced carefully. As Ankara Bronz, we closely follow this process while producing Lead and continue the manufacturing process according to the requested dimensions.

Lead, which does not oxidize when in contact with air, can be easily shaped into sheet and wire. Naturally, you need to shop from suitable companies for Lead, which has a wide range of uses. In this process, as Ankara Bronz, we continue to serve you in the size and standard shapes you demand.

You should definitely call our company for up-to-date information about Lead prices. Because the prices of metal products are updated in certain periods. However, our company, which acts in accordance with the competitive price policy, instantly meets all your demands in this regard and ensures your satisfaction.