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What is Cast Iron?

Cast iron casting is the process of casting and cooling pig iron, a special type of iron alloy, in a specific way. Pig iron is a special type of cast iron, mostly containing high carbon. Cast iron casting involves the controlled processing of this special iron alloy in order to obtain final products with specific properties.

The properties of cast iron often depend on the alloy content and the details of the casting process. This process is often used to provide durability, wear resistance and special strength properties. Cast iron is particularly favored for the production of heavy-duty parts and specialty parts used in areas such as the mining industry.

Gray and ductile cast iron rods produced by the continuous casting method have been used since the 1960s and as a result of the phases they have gone through until today, they have found a wide range of uses from the glass industry to automotive, from oil refineries to hydraulic parts, from gear manufacturing to general machine parts. Although it has a wide range of advantages, the most important reason for its use is that it is economical in various proportions according to the sector and usage areas by minimizing production times and costs due to tool wear.

Ankara Bronze for Pik Order

Its structure is homogeneous, tight grained and of equal hardness. Mechanical strength is high. Impact and abrasion resistance is high. Machining provides 50% time saving. High resistance to hydraulic and pneumatic pressure.

Cutting tool life is longer and resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks is high. Surface hardening heat treatment is easy. No model fee. 10% lighter than steel. No stock cost.

Ductile Iron Casting with Ductile Iron Process

All our cast iron and ductile iron materials are imported and produced by continuous casting method.