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Pom C - Delrin

What is Pom C - Delrin?

POM-C (Polyoxymethylene-Copolymer), also known as Delrin®, is a polymer material often used in many technical applications. POM is also often referred to as "polyoxymethylene". POM is particularly known for its mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance.

Some of the features of POM-C are:

Mechanical Strength: POM-C has high strength and stiffness properties. Therefore, it is suitable for use in various machines and mechanical parts.

Wear Resistance: POM-C is resistant to abrasion and has a low coefficient of friction. This makes it preferred in applications such as sliding parts and gears.

Chemical Resistance: POM-C exhibits resistance to a variety of chemicals. However, its resistance to certain chemicals may vary depending on the type of material.

High Temperature Resistance: POM-C can remain stable over certain temperature ranges. Its high temperature performance allows it to be used in high temperature conditions such as engine parts and automotive applications.

Water and Moisture Resistance: POM-C is resistant to water and moisture. This property allows it to be used in outdoor environments or in applications in contact with water.

Low Coefficient of Friction: The low coefficient of friction of POM-C is particularly advantageous in applications such as sliding parts and bearings.

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POM-C is a material commonly used in automotive parts, bearings, gears, seals, valves, fasteners and other machinery. It is preferred in many industrial applications due to its durability and machinability.