General Features :

* Low coefficient of friction

* Good abrasion resistance

* High resistance to impact

* Not water absorbent  

* High chemical strength

* Compliance with food standards


Product Description

It is a material with a high resistance to chemicals. Its specific weight is low. It is a slippery material with a low coefficient of friction. The water and moisture absorption property is close to zero. It can be used as cutting plate especially in industrial kitchens and butcher cutting log. It has the ability to be welded. The element that characterizes polyethylene is the molecular weight. Low molecular weight can be grouped into three groups: low molecular weight (PE 300), high molecular weight (PE 500) and ultra high molecular weight (PE 1000). 

PPE - 300 (Low molecular weight)

It has high chemical resistance, and is extremely resistant to acid alkali and solvents. It is a material with -50 +80 ° C heat range, low coefficient of friction, and without slipperiness, water and humidity absorbance.  

PE-500 (High molecular weight)

High molecular weight features physiological, no water absorbance, resistance to impact, good slipperiness, wear resistance and operability between -100 +80°C heat range.

PE - 1000 (Ultra High molecular weight)

Very high molecular weight features physiological, no water absorbance, high resistance to impact, very good slipperiness, excellent wear resistance and excellent operability between -260 +80°C heat range.


Areas of Use

* Acid sprinkler systems

* Parts exposed to impact loads

* Cradles

* Food industry