Glass fabric coated with Efalon (PTFE) is a superior material that combines operability of PTFE at a wide temperature range (-260 ° C, + 270 ° C), full resistance to chemical substances and corrosion, non-sticking, non-burning, lowest friction coefficient in all solids, excellent electrical insulation with the mechanical properties and wear resistance of glass fabric.


Areas of Use

* Transporting materials such as molten plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass etc. at high temperatures

* Coating of printing cylinders

* Compressors, cradles and valve sleeves

* Plastic bag sealing machines

* Processed parts such as gaskets, felts, bearings etc.

* In biscuit, dough, confectionery etc. ovens

* Conveyors

* Transporting adhesive materials

* Protective sheath making for various equipment for adhesive materials

* Shielded curtain, cover etc. making against acid and bases

* Isolation bands, phase separators, engine and generator insulation band, transformer winding construction

* Cylinders, boilers, reactor covers

* In places where food and medicine industries require cleanliness and stickiness

* Making heat isolation curtains at the entrance to the furnaces of the conveyors

* Printed circuits (copper clad laminated plates)

* In low temperature applications such as drying, hardening, cooking

* For low and high temperatures and corrosive environments, making parts such as gaskets, felt, bearing, diaphragm, etc.

* They are used as roofing materials in buildings such as Sports facilities like stadiums, swimming pools, fair and exhibition stands, bus stops, warehouses, etc.

* Coating of some equipment in the industries such as food, medicine, textile to provide a slippery and non-stick surface