Continuous Castings

All our peak and ductile casting materials are imported and produced by continuous casting method.


Gray and nodular cast iron bars produced by continuous casting method were started to be used from the 1960s and at the end of the stages they have been through, they have found a wide range of usage from glass industry to automotive, hydraulic parts from oil refineries, gear manufacturing to general machinery parts. The most important reason for its use, along with its wide range of advantages, is that it is economical at various ratios, depending on the sectors and the places of use, by minimizing production costs and the costs incurred due to tool wearing.


Its structure is homogeneous, tightly grained and at similar hardness. Its mechanical strength is high. Its impact and wearing resistance is high. Its production with sawdust saves 50% time. It has high resistance to hydraulic and pneumatic pressures.


Its cutting tool life is longer. Its resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks is high. Its surface hardening heat treatment is easy. It requires no modelling fee. It is 10% lighter compared to steel. It does not have stock cost.