General Features :
* High mechanic strength
* High resistance to wear and impact
* Low coefficient of friction
* High chemical strength
* High capacity to absorb vibration and impact
* Easy malleability
* Operability without oil and sound
Product Description
Kestamide is also referred to as Casting Polyamide or Casting Nylon. Kestamid is an engineering plastics widely used in all industrial branches due to its superior mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical properties. KESTAMID, due to its very high molecular weight, crystal structure and crosslinking features, is a hard strong plastic more resistant to wear and bending and less water absorbing compared to polyamide 6.

Due to free casting and free cooling, occurrence of a molecular structure which has a very long crosslinks and does not have inner tensions during polymerization, compared to polyamides manufactured with extrusion or injection method, provides mechanic values of cast polyamides to be two-three times more under heat and load.

It is also possible to make steel bush gears, spools, stirrer propellers or steel cylinders by utilizing of techniques specific to Kestamid production and mechanical strengths of metals. KESTAMİD is manufactured with special additives to increase the already known high mechanical and physical features. KESTAMID is yellow colored. KESTAMID has very good chemical resistance. It is not affected from solvents, oils, hydrocarbons, esters and ketones and resistant to acids and alkalis at pH 5-11 range.

Areas of Use 
* Steel corrugated spools, gears and bushes
* Pulleys
* Ship shaft and steering shaft bearings
* Bearings
* Various machinery parts
* Wear footings
* Wear plates
* Car tires
* Cradles
* Rotating and sliding machinery parts