Sheet Plate Pipe (Flat-Coil) Plate / Strip Grounding Rod  

COPPER PRODUCTS ( Specific Weight: 8,9)


ECU  99,9 % : Electrolytic is used as copper material with a conductivity of 58, electrode in erosion, high-low current panel and busbar in substations. Among our standard products: Rod, Sheet Plate, Straight pipe, Tube Coil, Box profile, Grounding rod - plate, Roofing, Copper fittings and thin wires. Also, sheet plate measurements which do not have a standard are brought to necessary measurement by forging at desired dimensions.


Parts that require CU-Cr-Zr (Chromium alloy) High electricity conductivity, hardness and strength at high temperatures: Are used as point welding electrode and seam welding disc at the source of low carbon steels (Panel radiator, Gasoline warehouse, etc.) and Galvanized steel plate (Automotive and white goods), electrode holder at spot welding machines, plunger electrode at erosion machines and contact busbar at substations.


Cu-co-Ni-Be (Beryllium alloy) Copper is used in parts that require higher hardness and strength at higher temperatures along with lower conductivity, and in spot welding electrodes and seam welding disc of stainless steel plates. It functions as spot welding electrode in (white goods) steel mesh, rim and chain production and as molding nozzle in Brass, Aluminum, Zamak and Plastic injection machines.